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FAQs about DCX

14 May 2018

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions aboutDigital Customer Experience that I have come across in my experience. I hope these are helpful in getting you started on your DCX journey. What are the key strategic business drivers behind the Digital Customer Experience program? Based on our experience working with Fortune 500 enterprises .

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Maximise Operational ROI with Digital Customer Experience

25 Apr 2018

Course5's dynamic duo Sushant Ajmani, VP-Consulting, and Joseph Sursock, SVP-Sales, Europe, will be speaking at Unleashing Digital Customer Experience at Amsterdam on 18th May Behind the scenes inside most organizations, Digital Customer Experience is like a giant amorphous entity with incongruous parts and appendages, somehow plodding on th.

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DCX Webinar: Things We Spoke About

07 Mar 2018

Webinar: Massive Operating Efficiencies of the Digital Customer Experience. Date: February 8, 2018. Sushant Ajmani, Vice President, Solutions and Consulting at Blueocean Market intelligence shared his views on how organizations can exceed rising consumer expectations through the Digital Customer Experience (DCX). OVERVIEW: A confluence of.

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6 Ways to Raise Your Profits during Off-Peak Season

05 Mar 2018

It's that time of the year when shoppers are out doing other things and there's not much for you to do. Think again. In the digital age, there is no off-peak season. Rich and valuable data on consumer and competitor activity is continually being generated and businesses only need to watch and listen to make strategic shifts towards higher profit.

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Threat Intelligence: Immunizing the Organization against Cybercrime

01 Dec 2017

Cyber attacks on organizational systems are growing at an alarming rate across the globe, sharply increasing the total cost of global data breaches. Ransomware, phishing emails, and DDoS attacks are some of the major cyber security threats faced by companies around the world. The US, UK, and China are countries most prone to cyber attacks and have .

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