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AI-Powered Research Operations

While there is a clear need for speed to insights and agility in market research, organizations continue to struggle with lengthy traditional research processes and manual processes that hamper efficiency and agility.

Course5 provides a unique amalgamation of a proprietary AI platform, deep partnerships with sample agencies and market research platform providers, allowing clients to drive efficiency and take on more projects in the same bandwidth, thereby improving ROI.



Actionable insights that drive business impact come from a true 360-degree approach based on information synthesis and cross-validation of data from diverse sources, high relevance to context through application of advanced analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, and intuitive storytelling for consistent and widespread adoption.

Meta-analysis provides consumer insights, market insights and product insights that are essential for the success of any strategic marketing initiative.


Market and Competitive Intelligence

With increasing market complexity and aggressive competition, organizations today need well-rounded market and competitive intelligence to inform product innovation and marketing decisions. Course5 uses a 360-degree approach to data synthesis, using data from diverse sources with automation and applied AI-based solutions and accelerators, to deliver high speed insights on specific projects and ongoing market tracking with real-time updates.

Course5 creates significant and long-term business value for brands through high-quality competitive intelligence, market opportunity analysis and sales intelligence.


Primary Market Research

The primary market research industry is quickly moving from traditional survey-based research to an integrated approach to insight generation.

Course5 helps brands leverage integrated insights from diverse data sources—augmenting survey-based findings with insights from social media intelligence, behavioral data, transactional data and syndicated or secondary data—at high speeds, using digital analytics and AI-based automation to dramatically enhance the business outcomes of primary market research.


Social Media Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence’s Social Media Intelligence solutions incorporate data from a variety of digital sources to understand customers in real time. We combine expertise across research, technology, analytics, and business domains to identify insights from live and historical conversations—including unstructured data across text, images, videos, and emoticons.


Global Data Collection

Get high-quality survey research data from diverse global audiences quickly, allowing researchers to focus on insights and business teams to go to market faster, smarter. Whether you’re looking for quantitative or qualitative data, Course5’s method-, mode- and partner-agnostic approach, with seamless integration of online and offline data collection, and extensive experience with over 2 million interviews conducted annually, enables you to get the insights you need at business speed.


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