Business organizations are increasingly looking for ways to deliver data, insights, and predictions to their leaders in real time in natural conversational modes. This not only accelerates the speed and quality of decision-making, but also saves valuable person hours and optimizes ROI on data assets.

However, the bar for adoption is high—the virtual assistant must understand a request correctly, process it perfectly vis-à-vis the information source, and communicate back the answer unequivocally. Artificial Intelligence technologies provide such an opportunity. Course5 Discovery is a sophisticated Voice and Chat Intelligence solution for business based on advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) capabilities.

This solution can be enabled via any voice assistant device (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana) and proprietary or open source chatbot applications on desktop or mobile devices. Course5 Discovery brings insights into the everyday life of businesses.


Prompt and actionable insights accessed through Course5 Discovery enable business stakeholders to optimize their outcomes across marketing campaigns, sales funnel, digital journey, customer experience, customer insights and other areas.

Course5 Discovery can help answer 3 kinds of business questions —


  • for example: What was my revenue for last month?


  • for example: Why was my revenue for last month 10% lower than the target?


  • for example: What is the revenue forecast for the coming month?


  • Better decision-making with faster insights
  • Higher ROI on data assets through increased usage
  • Increased productivity through reduced time and effort spent on finding data and insights
  • Enhanced brand experience and higher customer engagement
  • Lower operational costs due to reduced need for customer support


We do not store any data in our infrastructure for processing. Most of the analysis happens In-Memory on Cloud. Once the processing is done and the results are returned, the Memory gets cleared.

There is also an on-premise variant of the solution that can sit behind the organization’s firewall.