How do I leverage technology to gain competitive advantage and thereby more revenue and profit? How do I improve efficiency of research operations? How can I create business impact for our customers through analytics-driven insights? Research and Consulting firms are under intense transformative pressures and companies are constantly playing a balancing act between traditional market

imperatives – such as speed, data quality, cost – and newer market pressures – such as privacy, security, automation, and more. Clients are questioning the use and process of primary research and its relevance in the age of big data and analytics. The only way to keep up and be sustainable is through technology adoption, continuous innovation, and creating new solutions.

Course5 Intelligence enables research and consulting companies with technology and skill-based solutions to deliver high impact outcomes. Our advanced capabilities in digital, analytics, market research operations, and our Course5 Research.AI suite help businesses gain competitive advantage, achieve operational excellence, and create new revenue streams.


  • Continuously innovate across the research value chain, adopt new methodologies and solutions to bring richer and deeper insights to end customers, improve overall return on research investment (RORI)
  • Partner to bring to clients holistic solutions that combine primary research with new data sources (digital, transactional, social, behavioral) and analytics
  • Drive down cost of research operations and crunch turnaround time through Course5’s AI technology