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Delight your customers and achieve your business goals by measuring and optimizing all your digital experiences

Digital Engineering – to establish a sound foundation

We take a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach. Get the data right by ensuring alignment with business goals. Integrate data across all stages of the data lifecycle. Establish governance standards across your company to ensure everyone is on the same page, an ongoing approach toward keeping the measurement system current over time. Trust your data, trust your decisions with Course5’s Digital Engineering.


Customer Journey Analytics – to address the points where customers are struggling

Customers want to be delighted. Enterprises want to retain customers and drive growth through retention and increased Lifetime Value. Course5’s Customer Journey Analytics satisfies both sides of the equation—analyze data to understand how customers are interacting with your brand – and know where they are struggling. Act on that knowledge to keep them coming back for more.


Personalization – to Drive Engagement

Different customers have different needs. Course5’s Machine Learning (ML)-based clustering framework delivers relevant and actionable segments. And our AI-driven Personalization solution, Next Best Step, drives a learning, evolving, and cost-optimized experience across all channels.


Customer Data Platform (CDP) – to unify and activate

Customer data is an asset of significant value – an asset that is often untapped by all but the most savvy enterprises. Customer data platforms are databases that create and standardize single customer views for use by marketing systems to connect with and engage customers. Course5 helps you unlock the value of your customer data with our Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution.


Search Analytics – to understand consumers and optimize acquisition

While Search is a powerful acquisition channel, it is so much more. As a real-time view into consumer intent, Course5’s Search Analytics provides a window into emerging themes of interest. Pay attention to identify real-time trends and forecast demand for products. Shape marketing spend based on consumer interests. Thanks to the power of AI, more insight is on offer now than ever before with Course5’s Search Analytics.


Social Media Analytics – to spot and capitalize on trends

When consumers engage with Social Media, they are always on the move. Keeping track of all those channels across brands and geographies is nearly impossible without technology. Social Media Analytics presents a compelling opportunity to obtain a true read on consumer attitudes. Course5’s approach is multi- disciplinary, blending insights across research, technology, analytics and business insights capabilities. We assess both real-time and historical conversations across all data types. Understand and act on market and consumer attitudes with Course5’s Social Analytics.


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