Our Values

Everything we do at Course5 reflects our core values —

Customer Focus – Unflinching focus on creating long term value for our customers

Collaboration – Create an environment that fosters respect, fun, and teamwork and capitalizes on collective strength

Innovation – Build unique products and custom solutions that solve problems, open new avenues, and are game changing

Honesty, Trust and Social Responsibility

Our Celebrations

The Great Unwind

Course5’s annual event Unwind is a time when employees let down their hair and bring out hidden talents as they sing, dance, and participate in planned and impromptu performances. Top performers across the organization are feted through Course5’s Awards & Recognition program. With fun, food, and laughter, the event ends with high spirits and grins that last a year.

Festival Celebrations

Course5 celebrates its workforce diversity and respects the social, religious, and cultural backgrounds of all its employees. A variety of festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Navaratri, and Thanksgiving Day are celebrated in our offices worldwide. These festivities build camaraderie outside of work, encourage cultural integration, and make Course5 a fun place to work.

Breakout Games

Breakout games and fun activities refresh and rejuvenate employees, inspiring fresh perspectives and inventive approaches to work and personal life. Employees bond with each and see a different side of their colleagues at these events.

Leadership Development Program

We conducted a Leadership Development Program with an aim to drive Alignment, Trust and Collaboration for collective success.

It covered 14 of our leaders from DAA & MI BU and was conducted in Bangalore recently. Learning’s were driven via Theatre, Drama, Dance, Meditation, Laughter and various self-reflection & group learning interventions.