Generative AI has the potential to sharply accelerate value creation from enterprise data and analytics ecosystems. When fine-tuned to business context and use cases, generative AI-enabled solutions naturally inspire adoption and powerfully enable actions that drive business impact.

Course5’s Enterprise Generative AI (GenAI) solutions help leverage the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) by contextualizing the models to your unique business requirement and driving success metrics. From surfacing critical data & insights within seconds to generating precise custom content on demand, Course5’s solutions enhance key performance outcomes and drive growth and innovation at scale.

Let’s move towards a remarkable future powered by Generative AI.

Enabling a Spectrum of Generative Al Implementations


domain-specific responses and fine-tuned prompts, helping users navigate complex problems with causal, predictive, and prescriptive insights

Create with Co-pilot

content, scenarios, and business use cases across functions


day-to-day processes and interactions based on "observed" parameters rather than explicit instructions


machine-to-machine collaboration for completion of human-instructed task


with direct, dynamic machine-to-machine interaction and advanced intelligence for human action and innovation

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Course5’s GenAI Approach:

  • GenAI use cases for various business functions
  • Deployment Models
  • Enterprise Analytics Solutions
  • Applied AI Research in Generative AI
  • GenAI Knowledge Bank

Enterprise Analytics & Insights Offerings

Powered by Generative AI

Generative AI Platforms

Course5 Discovery

AI-Powered Augmented Analytics

Course5 Compete

AI-Powered Competitive and Market Intelligence

Ready-to-use enterprise grade AI models and reusable AI assets


Creative Effectiveness to improve return on Ad spend

Generative AI Solutions

AI-powered search and knowledge extraction

Powered by
Azure Cognitive Search

Product Data – Named-Entity Extraction, Disambiguation, and Reconciliation

Insights from unstructured text data

Insights from video data

Course5 Compass – GenAI Series

Democratization of Supply Chain Insights using Large Language Models (LLM)

On demand

2 August 2023
Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Your Organization: Q&A Round Table on Large Language Models (LLMs)

On demand

21 June 2023
Operationalizing Large Language Models (LLMs) in Enterprises


27 April 2023

Our Thinking on Enterprise Generative AI

ChatGPT: The Rise of Conversational Search

Responsible AI Practices are the Need of the Hour in a Hyper-Generative AI World

Making Generative AI Work for Your Enterprise – Excerpts from Recent LinkedIn Live Event

Webinar Recap – Democratization of Supply Chain Insights Using LLMs

Course5 Intelligence demonstrates Augmented Analytics with Generative AI

Course5 Intelligence integrates OpenAI's GPT models with their Enterprise Analytics platforms

How Could Generative AI Impact The Data Analytics Landscape?

Reimagine and Redefine the Enterprise of the Future with Generative AI Technologies

Unleashing GenAI: Course5’s Innovative Approach to Data Analytics Enhancement

Industry Recognition

Intel® Partner Alliance Gold
Augmented Analytics platform ‘Course5 Discovery’ is listed on the Intel® AI Builders Solutions Catalog

Intel® oneAPI Hackathon 2023
Course5’s AI Labs won first place under ‘solutions to unlock the potential of heterogenous computing’

AIM’s Data Science Excellence Awards 2022
Course5’s ‘Waste Management using Augmented Analytics’ solution won ‘The Best Data Science Project of the Year’

Recognition for Course5 Intelligence from leading industry analysts:


The People Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape, Q1 2022


Analytics and AI Services Specialists – Service Provider Compendium 2023


AI Tech TideTM: AI and Analytics for Retail, Q2 2021


Peak Matrix: Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022


New TechTM: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions, Q2 2020


Market Guide for Artificial Intelligence Service Providers, 2021


How to Benefit from Creative AI - Assisted and Generative Content Creation, 2020


Cool Vendors in AI for Marketing, 2019

Out-of-Box or Custom-Built:

What’s the best Generative AI strategy for your organization?

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