• How do we efficiently acquire and retain customers?
  • How do we measure customer experiences across channels?
  • Are we providing our customers with relevant offers?
  • How can we increase authentication rates on our digital properties?

Increased revenue through cross-channel campaign optimization

Increase in customer registration and lift in revenue per customer

Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition through targeted marketing

Increase in return visitors and revenue lift due to personalized content

The Way Ahead for Retail: Playbook for the New Normal

Our Solutions

Segmentation & Personalization

Different customers have different needs. Course5’s Machine Learning (ML)-based clustering framework delivers relevant and actionable segments for your audience. And our AI-driven Personalization solution, Next Best Step, drives a learning, evolving, and cost-optimized experience across channels.

Customer Retention

Leverage real-time lift models that highlight the actions marketers can take to improve customer retention where there is high propensity to churn. Segment subscription customers into cohorts. Measure retention decay curves to discover what campaigns and experiences lead to retention.

Search Analytics

As a real-time view into consumer intent, Course5’s Search Analytics provides a window into emerging themes of interest. Identify real-time trends and forecast demand for products. Shape marketing spend based on consumer interests.

Campaign Analytics, Market Mix Optimization, Multi-Touch Attribution

Get the insights you need to optimize and execute campaigns in real-time. Our Campaign Analytics solution assumes a myriad of data sources. Spanning both digital campaigns and in-store trade promotions, we help you forecast and perform scenario analysis and report on effectiveness to all stakeholders in real-time.

Social Media Analytics

Obtain a true read on consumer attitudes with Course5’s Social Media Analytics, a multi-disciplinary approach that blends insights across research, technology, analytics, and business insights. Understand and act on market and consumer attitudes with Course5’s Social Analytics.

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Leverage Course5’s 360-degree approach to intelligence on retail competitors, using data from diverse sources with automation and applied AI-based solutions and accelerators.

Customer Experience Analytics

Earn customers’ loyalty and enhance their experience at every touchpoint. Analyze and orchestrate retail journeys. Leverage Course5’s out-of-the-box Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to mine unstructured data. Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) by identifying the factors that matter most to customers.