How do I increase footfalls in my stores? How do I map the customer journey across digital and in-store and create a truly omnichannel experience? How do I increase the Customer Lifetime Value?

The industry is today faced with diminishing power of loyalty and digital disruption from fast improving technology-enabled systems. Retail players need swifter, sharper decision-making as they strive to enhance and personalize the omnichannel experience, optimize inventory, drive higher marketing ROI, and capitalize fast on market opportunities.


Course5 Intelligence enables retailers with timely data support across the decision-making lifecycle. Our advanced capabilities along with proprietary frameworks help businesses achieve operational excellence, win customer loyalty, stay ahead of competition, and deliver personalized experience for their customers on a continuing basis.




  • Orchestrate your marketing technology ecosystem, use advanced personalization and targeting, integrate digital with in-store for a truly omnichannel customer experience

Insights & Analytics

  • Scale and reimagine your insights practice, democratize insights across the organization, leverage new data and technology

Sales & Marketing

  • Optimize your marketing spend, get competitive advantage with new data-based approaches, make marketing more innovative with a blend of creativity and analytics