Customer Experience (CX) Analytics

Customers today face confusing choices. There is growing diversity in product and service offerings (for example, Ownership vs. Subscription) with little competitive differentiation between brands. How do you earn customers’ loyalty and enhance their experience at every touchpoint?

Improved NPS by 20 basis points and increased revenue by more than $150M

Business Challenges


Visibility of Customer Experience across journeys

Brands have access to cross-platform customer data, but stitching that data together for a full view of the customer experience requires expertise and focus – two qualities that are hard to come by.

Brands lack the metrics to measure and improve customer interactions across channels

The path to optimization begins with a baseline of current behavior. Companies need the right measurement to chart an optimal course for the future.

Reducing churn and increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Marketers and analysts know they need to use data to foster loyalty with customers, but often need help in translating these ambitions into tangible results.


Comprehensive API library to enable orchestration of data sets

Out-of-box NLP engine to mine unstructured data

Proprietary ontology framework that enhances our NLP engine

Machine Learning-enabled Key Driver Model to measure the strength of factors contributing to a result

Ready-to-deploy visual maps providing a complete view of the customer experience

Helped one of the world’s largest retailers identify key CX drivers, resulting in an NPS increase of 15 basis points and an 8% reduction in customer attrition

Helped a large technology company increase NPS by 20 basis points and increase revenue by $150M

Provided a large utility company with a real-time key driver model to enable effective decisions. This resulted in a 40-basis point improvement in NPS.

Business Impact

Improved customer engagement and customer experience

Maximized ROI from Enterprise Feedback Management programs

Increased share of true customer advocates who will remain loyal, enhancing life time value

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