• How do we optimize marketing spend across channels?
  • How do we identify category trends and test ideas to win within the innovation cycle?
  • How can we maximize revenue and margin across our product and channel portfolio and reduce cannibalization?
  • How do we identify anomalies and relevant metrics within our supply chain to improve customer experience and reduce waste?

Year-on-year increase in return on digital investment and increase in sales volume through Marketing Mix Optimization

Increase in traffic and improved search ranking through Search Analytics

Time-savings across global reporting platforms with reduction in time to insights

Reduction in Out-of-Stock via early detection of anomalies at the warehouse level

Lift in ecommerce sales through a 360-degree view of ecommerce data

Lift in adoption of decision tools via augmented analytics in Ecommerce and Supply Chain

Our Solutions

Marketing Spend Optimization

Determine growth drivers and optimize marketing spend for higher returns by brand, category, portfolio, and market. Use a holistic marketing mix optimization exercise to maximize growth.

Net Revenue Management

Expand margin without losing market share by determining optimal price promotions across SKUs and portfolios. Set up the right price incentive curves and intelligent trade promotion calendars to deliver revenue and margin maximization across the portfolio.

Consumer and Shopper Insights

Develop a deeper understanding of consumer needs, attitudes, behavior, and brand affinity through advanced primary market research. Identify latent needs and white space opportunities for innovations to capitalize on rapidly changing market and consumer dynamics.

Ecommerce & Digital Analytics

Build an end-to-end digital ecosystem of data, insights, platforms and technology to drive engaging digital consumer journeys that drive conversion.

Competitive Intelligence

Obtain timely and actionable intelligence on retail competitors with a 360-degree approach to data convergence. Consider disparate data sources at the click of a button. Drive enterprise-wide adoption of competitive insights with guided navigation and intuitive visualizations supported by automation and applied AI-based accelerators.

Social Media Intelligence

Obtain a true read on consumer attitudes and sentiments. Use a multi-disciplinary approach to identify growth hacks, strengthen engagement strategies, and drive product innovations. Augment strategic decisions in real-time based on market response.

Supply Chain Analytics

Drive end-to-end operational efficiencies by setting up control towers for anomaly detection, forecasting, and leveraging early warning signals to improve near real-time decision-making.

Enterprise BI

Accelerate your analytics deployment, consumption, and adoption with pre-built accelerators and modules. Implement AI at scale using augmented analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), intelligent automation and cloud transformation programs across functions, including Marketing, Sales, Consumer, Digital, Commerce, and Supply Chain.

Our Proprietary Technology Platforms and Accelerators

  • Marketing Mix Optimization
    An integrated AI-based marketing mix modeling platform to quantify and recommend marketing spend allocation across online and offline channels, simulate winning scenarios, and stress test Annual Operating Plans (AOPs) across brands, categories, and markets. Learn more

  • Course5 Compete
    An AI-driven platform for real-time competitive intelligence that provides brands with Digital Shelf and Brand Experience insights for ecommerce success and Market and Competition Sensing to drive innovation and top-line business growth. Learn more

  • Course5 Discovery
    An augmented analytics platform, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), to drive last-mile insights adoption and consumption across business functions, including Supply Chain, Ecommerce, Marketing, Sales, and Insights. Learn more

  • Sales Intelligence
    An AI-based platform to grow share-of-wallet by enabling sales teams with customized action plans encompassing insights on what, why, where, how, and when to sell.

  • Next Best Step
    An AI and machine learning-based platform to deliver consumer experience through personalization across digital assets, augmenting the consumer journey from acquisition to engagement and retention. Learn more

  • Course5 Optimizer Suite
    An AI and machine learning-based research operations platform to drive faster, better consumer/shopper insights. Learn more