What is the size of my market? Who is my competition? How do I drive Direct-to-Consumer initiatives? How do I optimize my marketing spend on new and existing channels?

This industry is currently in an extremely dynamic state characterized by continuous innovation, market shifts, efforts to attract customer spend, and movement toward direct-to-consumer (D2C). Data and analytics-driven insights are critical to competing effectively.

Course5 Intelligence enables brands with timely analytics and data supported decisions across product, pricing, placement, promotion, and people aspects of marketing. Our advanced capabilities in digital, analytics, market intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence along with proprietary frameworks help businesses achieve operational excellence, win customer loyalty, and stay far ahead of competition.



  • Elevate your D2C digital strategy, fine-tune digital ecosystem channels, optimize marketing spend

Insights & Analytics

  • Scale and reimagine the insights practice, democratize insights across the organization, leverage new data and technology

Sales & Marketing

  • Enhance your brand, optimize 5Ps of marketing, manage existing customers, tap new customers, channels and demands