The Social Media Intelligence Landscape

Social media provides a rich data source for consumer and market insights through large volumes of actual consumer conversations. However, mining this data is a complex process and there are multiple challenges. Without thorough processes across the value chain from data collection to analytics, social media insights can often be shallow or even misleading. This has led to questions being raised about the effectiveness of social media intelligence as a viable source for insights that can drive business decisions. Course5’s approach to social media intelligence is designed to address these challenges.

How Course5’s Social Media Intelligence
Solutions Help

Platform-agnostic coverage across data formats – structured and unstructured, text and audio- visual – with a rich ontology framework for social media monitoring

Identification of underlying tone, intention, and sentiment using proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced machine learning algorithms

Multi-language data coverage with exhaustive support for global languages, including interpretation of dialectical nuances and transliterated phrases

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every

Audience Insights

Enhance customer experiences and improve customer segmentation with a deep-dive into consumer attitudes and behavior with advanced NLP-based sentiment analysis.

Brand Health Insights

Augment traditional brand health measurement systems with social intelligence metrics such as share-of-voice with Course5’s digital-social brand health tracking that provides an “always on” listening system for brand insights.

Early Warning Systems

Enable quick response to competitor actions and customer needs with continuous monitoring and analysis of social and other web data.

Whitespace Identification

Identify and strategize on white spaces and unmet needs of consumers by leveraging insights from social media data sources.

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