Actionable Intelligence To
Drive Business Decisions

The information assets of an organization such as syndicated reports, primary market research, and real-time digital data can provide a wealth of insights. However, ever increasing complexity of information sources and sheer quantum of data make it challenging for business teams to access timely insights.

Course5 Intelligence helps global organizations address this challenge through ongoing high-precision market and competitor tracking. With integrated capabilities across market research, information synthesis, social media mining, information design, and data analysis, Course5’s business research team provides highly refined, actionable insights on specific markets and competitors.

Course5 analysts keep close track of focus markets and are able to address client questions with zero learning curve. We’re well versed with over 50 syndicated data sources and help organizations fully leverage all data available to them with multiple validations of every data point and inference.

market and competitive intelligence- overview


360 degree approach integrating multiple data resources for a well triangulated view of the customer, competition, and overall market

Proprietary technology for quick mining and integration of multiple data sources, including social media intelligence and primary market research data

Dedicated analysts with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals

Vast database of published syndicated content and data sources

Powerful data visualization that enables easy distribution and assimilation of insights


How big is the market?

  • Market Sizing
  • Market Forecasting
  • Market Opportunity Analysis

What are the key trends?

  • Trends Monitoring; Market Alerts
  • Environment/PESTLE Analysis
  • Value-chain Analysis

Who are your customers?

  • Audience Measurement
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Customer Deep-dives

Who are your competitors?
What do they sell?

  • Company Profiling
  • Company Deep-dives
  • Product Mix Study; Product Tear-downs
  • Pricing Analysis

How do they market and sell?

  • Promotion and GTM Analysis
  • Partner Analysis
  • Channel / Distribution Analysis

How can you compete?

  • Alerts, Battle Cards; Early Warning System
  • Innovation Tracking
  • Compete Strategy Analysis
  • What-if Analysis


Course5 Compete

A digital competitive business intelligence platform that supports product, pricing, placement, promotion, and people (5P) decisions through near real-time visibility into market information and advanced analytics

competitive business intelligence platform
AI driven insights

Course5 Link

An AI driven, multi-layered system that helps integrate, analyze, and report insights from multiple data sources

Business Impact

  • Improved decision-making through high speed to insights
  • Long-term business value through ongoing market tracking and real-time updates
  • Significantly higher ROI from investments already made on syndicated and primary research
  • Proven success in breaking data siloes and leveraging existing data assets