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AI-based Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises in today’s digital-first world don’t have a choice but to adopt a single or multi-cloud strategy. Establishing a cloud data infrastructure to scale and optimize AI data and applications is daunting. Challenges around managing security and governance add even more complexity.

Course5 has helped large and Fortune 500 companies set up, scale, and manage their single, multi-, or hybrid cloud infrastructures to deploy AI solutions at scale and create competitive differentiation in the digital world. Our strategic partnerships with prominent cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable our clients with strategic advantages of knowledge and scale.


Data Engineering

Data continues to grow in volume and variety (and all the other v’s) within enterprises. The need for AI and leveraging good data assets adds stress with added complexity, constant and threats to security, privacy, ethics, and scalability.

Course5 orchestrates, manages, and enables large organizations to navigate zettabytes of data (structured and unstructured) to meet the growing needs for AI. With Course5’s structured data governance processes to address the risk of data challenges, enterprises achieve competitive differentiation with the world of Digital and AI.


ML Ops

Within the enterprise, only a fraction of Applied AI applications can be deployed and effectively scaled. The challenges with deployment include misalignment and lack of processes, existing systems versus lab environments, and ongoing changes within the business.

Course5 partners with organizations to deploy and scale AI applications by adopting and implementing ML Ops. We use a combined strategy of machine learning techniques, dev ops, data engineering skills, accelerators, processes, and tools to orchestrate and manage the needs of scaling AI.


Applied AI Solutions

Course5’s integrated Applied AI offerings focus on data, domain, technology, cloud, and science to yield exponential business results and help businesses start their strategic AI initiatives. We start with the business problem and then bring in the appropriate technical, analytical, and consulting skills to craft the solution. Course5’s clients have ready access to accelerators and solutions that quickly deploy and scale AI solutions across functions, from Marketing, Sales, Consumer, Digital, and Commerce to Supply Chain.


Intelligent Process Automation

Monolithic approaches and disjointed systems for conducting business cost organizations billions of dollars every year. Organizations need to blend the power of Human Intelligence with AI if they are going to scale to meet the compelling opportunities of today’s economy.

Course5’s Intelligent Process Automation solutions combine AI with industry expertise to enhance and improve processes within Marketing, Sales, Consumer, Digital, and Supply Chain. Course5 deployments have yielded millions of dollars of savings and added revenue with reduced risks each year for its Fortune 500 enterprise clients.


Natural Language Solutions

Tapping unstructured textual data from within and outside an organization’s ecosystem is a big opportunity for enterprises to enhance business outcomes.

Course5’s Natural Language solutions focus on the entire value chain – NLU (Natural Language Understanding), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NLG (Natural Language Generation) – for decoding of insights from Digital data, Call Center data, Emails, and other text-based sources to drive customer experience solutions, product insights, brand experience, sales outcomes, agent efficacy and many more use cases. All the solutions are substantially enhanced by our pool of IP.


Computer Vision Solutions

The world is communicating and consuming more visual content than ever before. Images and videos become shared moments, messages, and stories. Visual content is also heavily leveraged by enterprises and produced as part of their marketing and branding. The ability to leverage this data source presents a huge opportunity for competitive advantage but involves significant technology and domain challenges.

Course5’s industry-recognized machine vision accelerators enable enterprises to operationalize, glean insights from, and scale machine vision applications for use cases in marketing, supply chain, commerce, and customer experience. Our pool of IP and accelerators include object identification, segmentation of content, and decoding events and actions within the content.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning is inspired by the information processing patterns of the human brain. Course5’s solution relies on multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks to achieve the intended machine learning objectives. Our solutions focus on use cases like fraud detection, image recognition, machine translation, object detection, speech recognition, to name but a few.

Course5 Intelligence has developed and deployed solutions leveraging advanced neural network architectures like Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Capsule Networks, Deep Belief Networks (DBN), Encoder-Decoder Networks, Gated Recurrent Units (GRU), Long Short Term Memory (LSTM), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), and others. The solution allows our clients to maximize the value generated from their AI investments.


Conversational AI

Conversational AI refers to the ability of machines to interact with humans in the form of conversations.

Insights are presented to users in convenient and contextually rich ways. This naturalizes adoption.

Course5’s Conversational AI solution, driven by Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) with Machine Learning, enables the generation of deeply context-aware insights. Delivery and has been successfully applied to Question/Answer systems, Chatbots, Voice Assistants, and other applications. Leverage the power of Course5’s Conversational AI to transform insights generation and consumption. Use your enterprise data to drive better decisions.


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