The AI-based Cloud Infrastructure Landscape

Organizations need to align data and artificial intelligence strategies with business objectives, regardless of data volume, variety, velocity, volatility, and veracity. AI-based cloud infrastructure harnesses the power of big data analytics to grow revenue, improve profitability, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

Course5 has helped its clients increase adoption of AI solutions with data governance based on AI/MLOps coupled with a serverless tech stack

How Course5’s AI-based Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Help

Micro Services: Cloud Service Provider-agnostic solution architecture

Scalability: Scalable architecture to support operationalization

Data Lakes: Broad spectrum of services to support tailored use cases

AI/ML Workspace: AI-ready computing platforms, pre-built AI tools and utilities to accelerate your AI initiatives

Purpose-driven Use Cases for Cloud AI across Industries

Integrated Anomaly Detection & Causality Assessment

Identify anomalies in inventory levels across your supply chain. Detect precise causes of anomalies to take swift corrective action.

Vision-based Emotion Detection System

Understand the emotions of characters in videos and establish their relationship with spikes and drops in customer interest in video campaigns.

Natural Language Generation System

Enable automated summarization of large amounts of data. Generate narrative insights from reports and dashboards.

Architecture Consulting

Find solutions for complex cloud needs with Course5’s team of experienced cloud architects. Whether you’re looking for Single, multi-cloud deployments or Hybrid systems (either On-Premise and Cloud), whether Private or Public, our cloud architects ensure you can focus on business outcomes without worrying about cost and scalability factors.

Course5’s teams are certified on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, with Course5 holding partnerships with all three platform providers.

Setup, Migration, and Scaling of Cloud Infrastructure

Build cutting-edge AI applications that enhance your competitive advantage while Course5 manages data privacy, security, and governance.

Over the last decade, Course5 has set up, migrated, and continued to scale enterprise-grade cloud infrastructures for several global clients.

AI-based Cloud DevOps

Meet your organization’s business needs and ensure you can handle breakthrough growth with Course5’s systematic DevOps processes, governance, SLAs, and intake management.

Course5’s structured process and engagement rules to set up DevOps practices and manage ongoing AI-based Cloud needs have been leveraged by several Fortune 500 organizations for successful business initiatives.

Customers Seeing Success with Course5

Customers Seeing Success with Course5

“I have enjoyed working with the Course5 team from pre-sales to post-launch. We built an ecommerce reporting platform for one of our largest global markets, which the business users received with great enthusiasm. Course5’s technical skill is matched by their agility and focus on value, and partnering with us to realize the intended benefits.”


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