The technology landscape is characterized by rapid innovation and disruption across the lifecycle of products and services. Technology companies deal with increasingly demanding customers, complex brand portfolios, decreasing brand loyalty, proliferation of media channels and a data deluge. There’s less time and more complexity involved in all decision-making.

Course5 Intelligence helps technology firms gain massive competitive advantage through a combination of analytics, market intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence that drive real-time intelligence about the brand, competitors, and customers.

With our deep domain expertise in the technology sector, Course5 enables companies to drive innovation in products and solutions for the market, and optimize value and experience for customers.



  • Track and improve digital customer experience, improve ROI from sales and marketing spends, leverage digital properties for driving value

Insights & Analytics

  • Keep pace with changing customer and technology needs, generate insights by leveraging multiple data sources, democratize insights across the organization

Sales & Marketing

  • Improve omnichannel experience, create a benchmark brand with innovative approaches, build customer loyalty and win new customers through smarter targeting and omnichannel conversion