• How do we keep pace with major shifts in customer journeys driven by digital transformation and ecommerce?
  • How can we continuously assess the changing needs and perceptions of customers, improving experiences for acquisition and retention?
  • How do we leverage the power of AI and technology to innovate quickly, compete effectively, and serve efficiently?
  • How do we compete in a dynamic competitive landscape, where technology-led disruption comes quickly, and from anywhere?

Revenue impact across clients

Savings delivered across analytics and insights initiatives

Increase in direct-to-customer revenue across clients

Lift in marketing campaigns based on lifetime value analytics

Our Solutions

Digital Analytics

Track and improve digital customer experiences, digital channel interactions, and customer journeys. Improve ROI from sales and marketing spends. Leverage digital properties for driving value. Implement and optimize your Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Marketing Analytics

Improve the omnichannel customer experience. Create a benchmark brand with innovative approaches. Build customer loyalty and win new customers through smarter targeting and omnichannel conversion.

Customer Analytics

Segment and personalize content and experiences. Acquire customers based on modeled profitability, retain them with customer-specific lift analysis, and cross-sell, upsell, and recommend the perfect next best step.

Enterprise AI

Set up and scale enterprise-class data infrastructures. Deploy AI at scale. Leverage “dark data” such as text, images, and videos with advanced AI technologies.

Consumer & Market Insights

Keep pace with changing customer and technology needs. Generate insights by leveraging multiple data sources. Track and respond to competition. Democratize insights across the organization.

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