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A combination of solutions to help marketers measure and optimize their marketing investments

Brand Measurement – that tells you how your investments are paying off over time

Course5’s Brand Measurement integrates data sources like social media and primary research to provide an understanding of the factors influencing brands today. Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative approaches, we connect dots across the broader market landscape to reveal the interplay between brand health metrics and customer-generated data.


Campaign Analytics – that answers the question: “What’s working?”

Course5’s Campaign Measurement provides you with the insights you need to optimize and execute campaigns in real-time. Our Campaign Analytics solution assumes our clients will have myriad data sources. As capable with digital campaigns as unique in-store trade promotions, it enables you to forecast and perform what-if scenario analysis and report on effectiveness to all stakeholders in real-time.


Marketing Mix Optimization – to help you decide where to place your chips

Course5’s Marketing Mix Optimization is based on an AI engine that delivers real-time ingestion and streaming of campaign data. Acquire deep understanding of the omnichannel media mix. Understand optimization opportunities across customer journeys. Link marketing investments to brand perceptions from brand tracking studies. Business-friendly simulators to create what-if scenarios. Models to identify optimum channel combinations for specified sales outcomes.


Multi-touch Attribution – to assign credit where credit is due

By integrating a variety of data sources across 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties, Course5’s Multi-touch Attribution solution provides a complete view of audiences. This helps marketers know their customers and how they engage across media channels during their purchase journey. Our simulators create user-defined scenarios to enable easy assimilation of insights. We provide path diagrams showing all channel effects as well as accelerators to automate analysis – with human supervision.


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