Business Challenges

Managing increasingly complex brand ecosystems

Non-linear cross-channel customer relationships, extensive brand portfolios, sophisticated competition, decreasing brand loyalty and digital transformation stand in the way of brands forming strong bonds with customers.

Integrating new brand health data sources

Primary survey-based brand measurement is no longer adequate. Businesses struggle to integrate new data sources such as social media, customer experience metrics and digital analytics with survey-based brand measurement systems.

Measuring return on marketing investment

Marketers today struggle to show ROI from marketing investments. Traditional brand measurement systems and attribution models fail to accurately indicate which channels or campaigns deserve additional investment.


A 360-degree approach to brand measurement enables integration of new data sources such as social media signals with primary research. The approach connects dots within the broader market landscape, and reveals the interplay between brand health metrics and customer-generated data.

Our ‘Brand Potential 360 Model’ combines consumer feedback on perceptual brand metrics and behavioral metrics. Information on brand penetration and customer loyalty among owners, combined with factors such as brand awareness, consideration, and purchase likelihood create a robust composite index (BP360)

Powerful data visualization enables easy assimilation of insights. Multiple delivery mechanisms such as dashboards, voice-enabled insight assistants, infographics and videos make the story come alive.

Helped a top 5 global IT hardware company setup and run a global brand tracker spanning 35 countries. This eight-year-long relationship is a testament to the value we deliver.

Helped a top 5 global semiconductor firm augment their existing brand tracker with deep social media insights.

Provided actionable brand insights to a top 5 global internet company by leveraging high-end analytical models such as Bayesian network modeling.

Business Impact

Always-on brand measurement providing near real-time insights

Higher C-suite visibility and acceptance, raising adoption of brand tracking programs among business groups and other stakeholders

Effective use of budgets and higher ROI from investments already made in market intelligence and primary research resources

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