Campaign Analytics

An agile and scalable solution for campaign tracking and measurement to optimize and execute campaigns as per market need on a real-time basis

Up to 45% more efficient than traditional campaign management and marketing attribution

Business Challenges


Delayed insights and analytics during campaign deployment

It takes too long – sometimes months – to gain insights for effective campaign decisions.

Campaign selection and management is largely manual

This lengthens conversion cycles and limits opportunities to get in front of consumers. In the meantime, more nimble competitors are talking to YOUR customers.

Accurate ROI measurement unavailable at individual campaign level

This gets in the way of data-driven recommendations for optimizing marketing spend.


Connectors that ingest streaming data from a myriad of sources

Accelerators for data wrangling, massaging, correcting missing imputations and calculating outlier and extreme value detections

A tailored approach to measuring unique in-store trade promotions

A flexible approach to handling unique challenges related to execution and management of all types of campaigns such as ATL, BTL, and TTL

Forecasting and optimization models with integrated what-if scenarios

Real-time model integration and campaign effectiveness reporting; drill-down and drill-up features catering to all stakeholders

A leading CPG client experienced a 20% lift in new conversions and an improved Life Time Value (LTV). 60% net new customers were engaged.

A global apparel and footwear brand reported revenue increase of ~6% with insights and quick actionable outcomes across the campaign lifecycle.

Business Impact

Enhanced ROAS with near-to-real-time campaign measurement to effectively manage B2B and B2C campaigns

Keep pace with digital transformation of marketing with campaign insights generated 35% faster, and real-time campaign tracking

Significant improvements of over 30% in marketing ROI by driving higher efficiencies in campaign allocations

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