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Drive Social Media to Instigate Understanding of Purchase Considerations to Double Consumer Engagement

Presenter : Honey Jhala, Director - Digital Research & Insights

It is no longer sustainable for brands to just have an online presence.

For both marketing and market research teams in the current impulsive d...

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Massive Operating Efficiencies of the Digital Customer Experience

Presenter : Sushant Ajmani, Vice President - Digital Solutions & Consulting, Course5 Intelligence

All multichannel and pure play businesses in today's digital ecosystem consistently strive to improve customer satisfaction measures and reduce operational cost. What holds t...

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Using Customer Feedback and a 360 Approach to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Presenter : Kiran Nandavarapu, Director - Market and Competitive Intelligence

Organizations do not typically reveal their customer service or product issues, competitive advantage, road maps or future updates so willingly. However, we know that valuabl...

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Leveraging the Power of the Brand for Pricing Using Digital Data (Customer Reviews)

Presenter : Nishchay Mathur, Product Head - Course5

There are multiple pricing algorithms that exist to provide optimum prices basis elasticities, competitive information and a host of parameters. However, one key element that...

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How to Leverage Hiring Data for Competitive Insights

Presenter : Kiran Nandavarapu, Director-Insights | Kalpana Devi Ramakrishnan, Associate Manager, Research - Course5

Most leading companies are not very outspoken about how they operate their business, or plan their strategies and future moves. However, a company's hiring data can reveal va...

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