Accelerating the Adoption and Usage of Advanced Analytics in Retail

Date: 10 Feb, 2022 | Time: 11:00 AM EST | 5:00 PM CET

Presenter: Laura Wheeler, Former Leader of Digital Transformation at GAP | Anees Merchant, Executive Vice President – Growth at Course5 Intelligence

Retailers today have invested in many analytics tools and technologies and built extended analytics teams. Yet, the reality is that the gains from these investments have remained limited. What are the gaps that restrict the uptake of analytics outputs by business teams and hinder the integration of these outputs with the stakeholders’ day-to-day decision-making processes?

In this fireside chat, Laura Wheeler and Anees Merchant will talk about some of the most common reasons for underutilization of Analytics resources, ranging from lack of right business inputs at the hypotheses design stage and lack of translation of analytics output to guide adoption by business users to non-user-friendly language and interface and lack of confidence in the data itself.

Based on their experiences in driving successful analytics and insights-driven transformations for some of the world’s leading brands, Laura and Anees will share recommendations for improving adoption and usage of Advanced Analytics in Retail through 3 key areas:

  • Building good hypotheses for Analytical models
  • Scoring the database
  • Implementing models (manually or through the use of tools like a CDP or even data transfer with ESP)

Run analytics smarter in 2022.

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Laura Wheeler

Former Leader of Digital Transformation at GAP

Laura is a digital leader who has led in highly profitable, large-scale organizations, developed innovative strategies to capture new markets in fast growth environments, and turne Read More...

Anees Merchant

Executive Vice President – Global Customer Growth & Success

Anees has been the driving force for large-scale applied-AI and digital transformation initiatives for over 25 years for clients across major industries. His current focus at Cours Read More...


Megha Chaudhry

Global Head Of Marketing, Course5 Intelligence

Megha has over 14 years of marketing experience spanning across Information Technology, Digital Analytics, Cable and Telco, Financial Services and Market research with extensive ex Read More...