2021 Playbook for Media & Entertainment – Featuring Original Media Consumption Insights from CBS

Date: 16 Dec, 2020 | Time: 12:00 PM EST / 06:00 PM CET

Presenter: Michael Haggerty, SVP – Research, ViacomCBS | Anil Damodaran, VP – Research AI, Course5 Intelligence

This webinar is brought to you by Course5 Intelligence in association with Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX). Course5 Intelligence is a trusted insights partner to CBS.

As TV viewers stayed largely indoors in 2020, TV viewing patterns and expectations changed. What do viewers now want from TV programming? And what value can CBS provide to these viewers vis-a-vis on-demand streaming platforms?

In this webinar, Michael Haggerty, SVP Research at ViacomCBS, will share original research insights on the TV viewer’s mindset in 2020 based on a multimodal study with data points from in-home missions, online self-guided activities, photo uploads, ratings and comments, and discussion posts.

You’ll find in the webinar key insights from the CBS study on:

  • What viewers want from Broadcast TV since Covid-19 began
  • Recommendations for how CBS can provide stand-out value
  • Comparison of viewing patterns for Broadcast TV vs. SVOD
  • Elements of stand-out promos
  • Other insights into viewer context and behavior related to Broadcast TV

What emerged from the study was a clear programming and communication strategy for establishing CBS’ entertainment and comfort value for viewers during an unusually chaotic time.

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Michael Haggerty

SVP - Research, ViacomCBS

Michael Haggerty is SVP Research at ViacomCBS. He is a part of the CBS Broadcast research team, and his work includes quantitative and qualitative consumer research, linear and di Read More...


Anil Damodaran

Vice President - Research AI, Course5 Intelligence

Anil is an accomplished business leader and marketer with over 15 years of experience in the marketing analytics space. He currently manages Go-To-Market & Product Strategy for Cou Read More...


Theresa Lee

Director, Fuel Cycle

Theresa is Fuel Cycle’s Director of Partnerships and supports the Fuel Cycle Exchange, which connects nearly 40 different partners to Fuel Cycle, including Course5 Intelligence, Read More...