Massive Operating Efficiencies of the Digital Customer Experience

Date: 8 Feb, 2018 | Time: 3:30 PM / 9:30PM

Presenter: Sushant Ajmani, Vice President - Digital Solutions & Consulting, Course5 Intelligence

All multichannel and pure play businesses in today's digital ecosystem consistently strive to improve customer satisfaction measures and reduce operational cost. What holds them back is typically lack of understanding of their audience personas, the way they profile and segment their customer base, and most importantly, low visibility around cross-channel journeys of their audience. Join Sushant Ajmani, Vice President, Digital Customer Experience at Course5 (Previously Blueocean Market Intelligence) as he demonstrates how Course5's Digital Customer Experience (DCX) solution can help your business:

  • Gain better insights on your audience in terms of personas, cross-channel journeys, factors influencing satisfaction, lifecycle, and financial value
  • Auto optimize these customer metrics using Course5's AI-driven framework

Whether your organization is new to this space or is simply struggling to generate significant returns from a well-defined Digital Customer Experience roadmap, this webinar will give you enough take aways to drive successful digital customer experience for your organization.

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Sushant Ajmani

Sushant has over 16 years of experience in the digital industry with strong background in Retail/E-commerce vertical. During his tenure, he has played multiple roles ranging from a Read More...