Creating Satisfied Customers by Acting on Insights

Date : 28 Oct 2021
Time :
11:30 AM EST  /  5:30 PM CET

Presenter : Adarsh Patel, Director of Product, Mobile Applications at Cox Communications

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Data is more commonly available than ever. Acting on that data is much less common. Most businesses are data rich and insights poor. To get over this gap, Cox has focused keenly on Action and Execution to build cross-channel customer experiences.

In this webinar, Cox's Adarsh Patel will speak with Course5's David McBride to share how enterprises can avoid the temptation to get stuck at data and move on to action. They will discuss how Cox focuses on customer behavior to make prioritization decisions across all stages of the customer journey.

You’ll gain from the webinar insights on:

  • How data from cross-channel interactions can get decision-makers closer to action
  • How customer behavior can drive prioritization decisions that result in taking action
  • Enterprise-wide feature delivery: How data and action must reflect the fact that customers interact across the enterprise
  • The need to act on data signals driven by end-to-end customer experience data

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Adarsh Patel
Director of Product, Mobile Applications at Cox Communications

Adarsh oversees the digital app strategy of both the Cox Residential and Cox Business MyAccount mobile applications. During his time at Cox, he has been a key part of various digit Read More...


David McBride
SVP- Analytics Products, Solutions and Consulting, Course5 Intelligence

David McBride is a 13-year veteran of the analytics industry, having held analytics leadership roles in media, retail, technology settings. David is passionate about helping compan Read More...