Business Challenges

Reconciling data from disparate sources

Online, offline, CRM, marketing automation systems and budgets are all separate, making it difficult to allocate funds based on ROAS.

Isolating which program is influencing consumer decisions

There are often multiple marketing programs running across channels. Each influences consumers differently, complicating the task of measurement and optimization.

Estimating how long a marketing channel will take to perform

Accounting for direct, immediate effects and indirect synergy effects for different channels


Course5’s approach leverages 1st, 2nd, 3rd party and external data sources. By integrating a variety of data sources, we provide a complete view of audiences. This helps marketers know their customers and how they engage across media channels during their purchase journey.

Predictive models and forecast sales conversion based on optimal conversion paths

Powerful simulators create user-defined scenarios to enable easy assimilation of insights. We provide path diagrams showing all channel effects as well as accelerators to automate analysis – with human supervision.

For one of the largest computer manufacturers in Asia-pacific:

  • Quantified the contribution of each channel in driving conversion
  • Segmented user behavior based on channel paths
  • Optimized seasonal scenarios to understand digital consumer behavior at different times of the year

For a leading telecom company:

  • Provided actionable insights into where to cut and redistribute spend to increase conversions and ROI.
  • The solution enabled the client to capture each customer journey, in granular detail, uncovering which of their marketing touchpoints were most efficient at driving revenue.

For a leading global CPG client:

  • Uncovered that they were overspending on email marketing to customers who might have converted organically.

Business Impact

Identify best-performing marketing channels, including what combination of channels will drive sales, conversions, and impressions.

Increase ROI and reduce spend without affecting leads or revenue.

Identify when channels are overvalued by traditional attribution methods, thereby optimizing spends.

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