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Adapt, grow, and continuously innovate with strategic, enterprise-wide scaling of AI solutions

The Applied AI Landscape

AI is dramatically changing the way people live and businesses operate which, in turn, increases the pressure on organizations to innovate and stay competitive. At Course5, we see AI as an opportunity that can benefit everyone. Course5 enables businesses worldwide to compete more effectively by operationalizing AI with secure, governed, and scalable strategies. Our self-service AI-based solutions feature a no-code, cloud-ready interface for citizen data scientists to discover trends, create predictive models, leverage natural language processing, and more. Businesses can leverage the full power of analytics and AI throughout their data lifecycle, driving next-level business results.

Course5 helps organizations find answers to some of their most pertinent questions: What is a good starting point for our AI journey? What are the right use cases? How can AI-based systems be made more explainable to overcome adoption barriers? To name but a few.

How Course5’s Applied AI Solutions Help

Increased productivity and operational efficiency through automation and optimization of BAU processes

Faster business decisions based on output from cognitive AI technologies

Superior customer experience with elevated levels of personalization across multiple devices

Actionable intelligence through interpretation of unlocked, unstructured data

Purpose-driven AI Solutions that span a wide range of uses

Service Level Optimization

Course5 Next Best Step

An AI-powered recommendation engine with an orchestration platform that enables ecommerce teams to personalize outreach across multiple channels such as website, mobile app, and email; ready for out-of-the-box implementations with real-time A/B testing for fast experimentation and deployment

Service Level Optimization

Course5 Digital Media Optimization

An Integrated Marketing Measurement and Optimization solution that enables tactical and strategic decision-making, war-gaming, and scenario planning in marketing execution; helps maximize returns on marketing expenditures by determining the optimal combination of advertising and targeted campaigns across channels (offline and online) and media (traditional, digital, and social)

Service Level Optimization

Dynamic Pricing

An AI-powered pricing and promotion recommendation solution tailored for hi-tech and retail industries; helps online campaign managers perform scenario testing by varying the prices of different configurations based on forecasted demand to maximize revenue and simulate competitor price variations to empower business users to test multiple strategies

Service Level Optimization

Digital Forecasting and Optimizing

An AI-powered solution focused on tracking trends and themes to forecast demand for latent drivers impacting the category or sector; predicts product demand and optimizes digital spending for a specific product or category

Service Level Optimization

Custom AI Solutions

An integrated approach to help organizations build and co-innovate on solutions with Course5’s experts and accelerators; Course5 currently supports the management and scaling of 10,000+ custom AI solutions for customers worldwide

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