Computer Vision (CV) is a major field of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the complex problem of understanding, analyzing and extracting intelligence from digital images and videos. It is one of the fastest evolving fields of AI, and has a wide range of applications in autonomous vehicles, industrial machine vision, medical image processing, military equipments, robotics, surveillance, image/video retrieval and restoration, motion analysis, traffic control, video analysis, and others.

Course5 Intelligence has deep expertise in building Computer Vision solutions for image classification, age and gender determination, emotion detection, ethnicity detection, facial recognition, object detection & segmentation, optical character recognition, and other use cases.

Computer Vision capabilities form a significant value proposition of Course5 AI Labs.

Our Key Differentiation

State-of-the-art object detection algorithms form the underlying basis of our Computer Vision solutions, generating output that surpasses human-level intelligence.

Our multi-modal facial analysis process easily recognizes key human characteristics like age, gender, ethnicity, and others with high levels of accuracy.

Our unique Transfer Learning approach enables us to leverage global innovations in Computer Vision (such as visual search or instance segmentation), creating significant value for our customers.


Course5 Object Detection and Segmentation Engine

Our platform-agnostic, pre-built object detection and segmentation models can be quickly deployed for use in various types of computer vision applications.

Course5 Framework for Real-Time Video Processing

Our Big Data-driven, platform-agnostic and scalable framework enables efficient development of compute-intensive and memory-intensive video processing applications for large-scale production environments.

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