Conversational AI refers to the ability of machines to interact with humans in the form of conversations, the most natural way of interaction. Conversations are complex and dynamic– it is not just about ‘what we say’, but also about ‘how we say’, ‘when we say’, and ‘where we say’. Moreover, prior conversations, whether from one minute ago or the day before, are often important to understanding the context of the present conversation. While humans are naturally conditioned to address these aspects of conversation, it is difficult for machines to employ the same knowledge unless they are specifically trained for it.

Conversational AI is largely driven by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that addresses the problem of understanding machine language, and has been successfully applied to tasks of question-answer systems, chatbots, voice assistants, and others. Course5’s deep expertise in this field enables customers to leverage the power of Conversational AI for key business tasks, such as insight generation and consumption.

Our Key Differentiation

Our industry-leading AI-based dialog management system, the most critical component of Conversational AI, is designed to detect multiple contexts and sub-contexts within a singular conversation.

Our Natural Language Understanding engine is platform-agnostic, and easily integrates with all text- and voice-based assistants to make the human-machine conversations more seamless and natural.


Course5 NLU Engine

Our platform-agnostic, pre-trained NLU engine can be quickly deployed to build new chatbots, and can also be integrated with existing ones.

Course5 Dialog Management Engine

Our state-of-the-art, highly configurable and scalable Dialog Manager has the unique ability to detect intents and sub-intents of users with high contextual understanding, thus enabling natural human-computer interaction.

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