The Primary Market Research Landscape

Traditional primary research operations are often labor-intensive and require significant time and investment. There is an urgent need to integrate primary research with other data sources to get deeper insights and enhance the overall value of primary research amid growing questions around ROI.

Further, traditional presentation modes like slides and spreadsheets often exist in silos and restrict information usage. Organizations need more intuitive modes of communication to drive greater data democratization and adoption of insights.

How Course5’s Primary Research Solutions Help

An integrated approach that augments primary research with other data sources such as social media intelligence, behavioral data, transactional data and syndicated/secondary data to provide a well-triangulated view of customers, competition, and the markets

AI-driven automation of end-to-end market research operations – Course5’s Optimizer Suite platform significantly reduces turnaround time and improves the quality of insights through better data integration and use of advanced analytics

Impactful data visualization and ease of access to insights through BI dashboards, simulators, infographics, kinetic typography, motion graphics and videos that all come together to make primary research study findings and the business story come alive

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Situation

360⁰ Brand Health Measurement

A transformational approach to brand tracking by incorporating social listening and digital analytics seamlessly with traditional brand tracking – this approach not only provides deeper insights and diagnostics, but also enables an always-on brand health tracking system.

CX 360⁰

Course5’s customer experience (CX) measurement approach combines survey research with social media listening, customer service data and third-party customer feedback data into an integrated measurement system, with added focus on enabling customer interventions based on the CX data and analysis

Global Data Collection

Get high-quality survey research data from diverse global audiences quickly, allowing researchers to focus on insights and business teams to go to market faster, smarter. Whether you’re looking for quantitative or qualitative data, Course5’s method-, mode- and partner-agnostic approach, with seamless integration of online and offline data collection, and extensive experience with over 2 million interviews conducted annually, enables you to get the insights you need at business speed.

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