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When the primary market research process is backed by intelligent digital technologies, the outcomes are richer, turnaround time shorter, and program costs lower.

At Course5 Intelligence, Primary Research teams combine expertise across advanced research techniques, data science, analytics, and business vertical specific solutions. Equipped with the latest technology platforms and global best practices, our teams empower businesses with speedy, high quality insights from primary research. Course5 analysts enhance the quality of insights with supplementary study of

news, industry, and social media intelligence to establish the research hypothesis and validate the findings of field research.

Course5 offers global businesses quick access to expertise and scalable engagement models to meet objectives across data collection, brand tracking and customer satisfaction studies.

primary market research-overview

Global Data

At Course5, we understand that high quality data is integral to insight-driven decisions. Our strong partner network with sample providers and field vendors allows us to get relevant data from multiple geographies at high speeds. With advanced Social Media Sensing capabilities, we are able to – supplement survey data with rich, real time data from social media and other online forums for highly refined insights.

Our global data collection services are refined over years of meeting business data needs through various project formats—simple to large, multi-wave, multi-country, multi-mode and multilingual data collection projects. We manage every single aspect of survey and social media data collection globally to help clients get the data they need, quickly and accurately.

social media data


brand monitoring

Course5’s 360-degree approach to Brand Tracking keeps quantitative primary research at the core of the research methodology and augments it with qualitative inferences from a wide range of data sources to realize a truly well-rounded view of the market. Our approach to brand tracking is to provide actionable business insights rather than data and metrics in isolation.

Our 360-degree Brand Tracking system spans —

  • qualitative interviews with customers on various channels
  • meta-analysis of syndicated reports and public domain content
  • listening within social networks using Brandwatch and other tools (tools agnostic process)
  • Analysis of client-provided data such as transactional data, call center records, and marketing/advertising spends
  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Observational and ethnographic research and other sources of data, as relevant

Customer Satisfaction

Course5’s approach to measuring customer experience goes beyond the standard customer satisfaction survey – it involves a series of listening posts that snowball into an integrated and complete picture of what is important to a business’s customers and how they feel about its offerings. Our customer experience program is built on the following listening posts:

  • Qualitative deep dive with a small group of customers to understand core needs and expectations
  • Quantitative study that measures the performance of your product on key performance dimensions
  • Analysis of customer feedback collected at customer service contact points
  • Feedback from other digital touchpoints
  • Social media listening to capture what customers are saying in real time
customer satisfaction survey


360-degree approach integrating primary market research with other data sources for integrated insights

Multidimensional teams with core skills across primary market research, advanced analytics, business research, and social media intelligence

Global best practices and best-in-class research panel partners

Rapid scalability of research operations to take on multi-country programs

Ability to execute research studies in days rather than weeks or months

Quantitative and qualitative data analytics with Natural Language Programming (NLP) to gauge consumer tone, intent, and sentiment


Course5 Optimizer Suite

Course5’s innovative platform that accelerates global market research operations

survey builder
analytics software

Course5 Link

Course5’s data warehousing and reporting platform for market research helps integrate, analyze, and report insights from research data

Social Media Sensing

Course5’s capabilities for mining multilingual, multimarket online data using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)

social media data


  • Improved decision making through multi-source data collection and finer insights
  • Quick turnaround for market research projects
  • Rapid scalability of research operations
  • Improved efficiency and ROI of primary research
  • Competitive advantage through advanced technology and processes