Business Challenges

Tapping consumer behavioral needs, attitudes, and perception using search data

Search Data is only restricted to identifying trending words and optimizing search engines to return better search results

Correlating insights from search behavior with business outcomes

Measuring consumer behavior using search traffic data


Comprehensive keyword discovery to tap consumer search behavior that is favorable to your business

Use of NLP to identify emerging themes of interest

Continuous mining of search data to identify real-time trends

Demand forecasting model using ensemble temporal machine learning techniques

Causal modeling to identify what themes or consumer interests will influence business KPIs

Optimizing paid search investments by aligning campaigns to customer interests

Helped a CPG company optimize their media buying and planning activities for their key product lines using analysis around ‘how consumers search topics of interest’

Helped a large technology company optimize their Paid Search spend to influence search behavior in order to improve conversion.

Helped a computer manufacturer identify interest in emerging technologies in order to understand purchase intent and optimize their marketing development funds (MDF)

Business Impact

Improve forecasting accuracy and predict regional sales metrics with up to 90% accuracy.

Optimize digital spends and increase paid search contribution by ~10%.

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