Supply Chain & Logistics

Over 57% of business users’ time in Supply Chain and Logistics functions is spent getting access to actionable insights.

Supply Chain & Logistics teams at large CPG, FMCG, and Technology enterprises often lack timely and actionable insights for smarter exception handling around their loads/unloads, warehouse capacity, inventory and order accuracy, safety stock levels, inventory fill rates, and transportation costs.

Course5 Discovery, an AI-powered Augmented Analytics solution, enables the Supply chain & Logistics operations workforce with personalized, contextual insights accessible on-demand for end-to-end visibility across supply chain operations and faster, smarter decision-making in near real-time.

Use Cases

Service Level Optimization

  • Categorization & prioritization of Customer Service elements by Profitability Tier and Customer Segment
  • Gauge affordability of Service Level through Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Optimize the Order Processing workflow
  • Optimize Hub-and-Spoke Network Operations

Safety Stock Level Optimization

  • Maintain transparency with Suppliers and Manufacturers on the Aggregate & SKU-level Demand Forecasts
  • Optimize Supplier lead time for critical components/SKUs
  • Maintain Base Safety Stock on actual economies
  • Track inventory by SKU and maintain transparency across multiple echelons

Order Lead Time Optimization

  • Collaborate with upstream partners on Weekly Demand Forecasts (Aggregate and Granular level)
  • Optimize the Order Processing workflow
  • Optimize Hub-and-Spoke Network Operations

Demand Sensing

  • Daily Demand Sensing up to 2 months in the future
  • Optimize weekly-item-location demand predictions
  • Track real-time demand signals through Macro Economic Factors, Social Media Sensing and Recent Sales

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

  • Maintain optimum inventory levels throughout the distribution network
  • Determine volumetric and financial effects with what-if scenario engines
  • Automate model switching and account for actual demand variability through ML capabilities

Supply Chain Cost Optimization

  • Optimize Order Processing Cost
  • Optimize Safety Stock Levels and Inventory Holding Cost
  • Optimize Hub-and-Spoke Network Operations

Our People

Rakesh Chaudhary

AVP, Digital and Advanced Analytics
  • Over 14 years of Global Supply Chain experience in sectors like Retail, Textiles, Steel, FMCG & Packaging
  • Focused on optimizing total cost of ownership, improving bottom line profitability & maintaining high customer service levels
  • Degree in Automobile Engineering, Post-Graduation in Operations & Supply Chain Management