Insights & Analytics

There is a growing need for AI-powered technologies and frameworks in the data and analytics ecosystem as businesses face growing volatility and unpredictability, both upstream and downstream their supply and customer value chain. CIO organizations need to augment their IT resilience and responsiveness and enable smarter exception handling through near-real-time operational insights, actionable prescriptive recommendations, and active closed-feedback loop systems.

Course5 Discovery is an AI-Powered Augmented Analytics solution that enables the CIO organization to monetize the cross-functional data in the enterprise data lake on the cloud. It delivers speed-to-insights and faster decision-making by facilitating curated and actionable insights via multiple consumption mediums such as chat, voice, enterprise BI platforms, Excel, PPT, WhatsApp, Email, and other collaborative platforms.

Use Cases

Augmented Dashboards

  • Blend of factual, causal, and forward-looking insights for faster decision-making
  • Relevant and contextual insights based on user persona
  • Executive summary for faster decision-making
  • Insights overlay on 1D/2D/3D charts for deep-dive insights

Augmented Executive Presentations

  • Auto-generated at pre-configured frequency
  • Configurable templates with inbuilt charts and layouts
  • Succinct, actionable narrative insights on every slide
  • Segmentation based on different attributes

Intelligent Bots

  • Access to insights via Google Home, Alexa and Cortana
  • Contextual conversation workflows and pivot points
  • Multi-modal responses – charts, tables, narrative text, hyperlinks
  • Facts, anomalies, causal, predictive and prescriptive insights
  • User authentication and authorization

Newsletters Customized to Role and Function

  • Personalized for the operations workforce and executives
  • Interactive elements with deep-dive narrative insights
  • Blend of factual, causal, and forward-looking insights for faster decision-making
  • Downloadable/shareable as PDF documents

Curated Insights on Mobile App

  • Curated insights with prescriptive recommendations
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Interactive workflows with relevant calls-to-action
  • Tools for collaborative storytelling

Alerts/Notifications for Operations Team

  • Point and contextual anomalies
  • Early warning signals
  • Prescriptive recommendations