Brand Analytics for Superior Brand Building
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Brand Analytics for Superior Brand Building

Whether you are operating within a Fortune 500 company or you own a local retail store, your business stands a greater chance of success with a data-centric approach to how you operate. Every facet of a business generates data, and you need to capitalize on this gold mine of information. Take intuition out of the decision-making process and employ analytics to extract value from data. Enable your brand to make smarter decisions for improving product development, offering better customer experience, experiencing higher profit margins, and conducting overall brand building.

If you’re still wondering whether brand analytics can truly help your enterprise, just take a closer look at how the market environment has shaped up over the past decade. The online marketplace has experienced unprecedented growth, with almost every company taking their products and services online. The market is super saturated and the competition is fierce to say the least. Customer preferences are changing all the time, and it gets difficult to stay abreast of current trends, let alone make any predictions about future market conditions.

Accessing Brand Analytics

Amazon is today the biggest platform where millions of sellers converge and are vying for a superior position compared to their competitors. Businesses are going all out to position their products better, create better strategies, increase their sales, and get better returns on their investments. And Amazon offers their own analytics tool, Amazon Brand Analytics, so that sellers can better understand not only their brand’s performance, but also their customers, and how the entire engagement can be enhanced.

But what about companies selling not just on Amazon, but on other marketplaces as well as operating independently, and need analytics tools? Course5 intelligence not only offers an integrated solution for brand equity measurement but empowers brands with Course5 Compete – a comprehensive tool for market and competitive intelligence at scale. A unified platform for detailed insights on your brand, your customers, competitors, and the market you are operating in.

Course5’s Solution to Brand Measurement

We have a 360-degree approach to brand tracking, and our analytics teams offer high-quality insights in near real-time, so that you can take decisions effectively, build efficient strategies, adapt to changing factors in the marketplace, and develop your brand equity through data-backed intelligence.

We conduct primary and secondary research, and also consider other sources of data such as social media platforms. Consumers now take to social media to not only find and purchase products, but it is also becoming the media of choice for leaving product reviews. We analyze your brand health data along with the consumer generated metrics, the market environment you are operating in along with your competitors in the same space, and generate actionable insights for a data-backed approach to brand building.

Consumer feedback is one of the most important elements while measuring how your brand is performing, as your customer service affects customer experience, which in turn impacts sales and loyalty to your brand. Course5 offers a Brand potential 360 Model, where we combine customer feedback with the behavioral metrics and your brand metrics. The data is collected continuously and analyzed to deliver insights on brand penetration, brand awareness and perception, along with customer loyalty, purchase potential of your offerings and customer consideration. These insights are the building blocks for creating, re-configuring and adapting strategies to combat evolving conditions, while maintaining customer satisfaction and elevating your brand equity.

Analyzing petabytes of data from across channels, can often be overwhelming for certain heavy-duty projects requiring insights at speed. Course5’s analytics solutions have you covered. Once the data is analyzed through automation, insights are assimilated into a comprehensive dashboard in near real time, and with the help of powerful visualizations, the data is converted into easily consumable insights. Infographics, videos, and even voice-enabled insights assistant, along with robust querying capabilities, simplifies the process of gathering and understanding the data, and decision-makers can develop strategies for better brand building, effective use of budgets, higher sales, and maximum customer satisfaction.

360-degree Brand Analytics with Course5 Compete

Having an analytical view of the market you are operating in, and of your competitors and customers, along with how they evolve over time, is essential to understanding where you fit into all of it. Brand analytics is never complete without market and competitive intelligence providing insights that deliver a more holistic view of the state of things.

Course5 COMPETE is a scalable market and competitive intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates into your processes.  The AI-powered platform offers three modules for assisting targeted analytics – Digital Shelf, Brand Experience, and Market and Competition Sensing. With efficient querying capabilities, assisted by cutting-edge NLG and ML technology, COMPETE makes actionable competitive intelligence on markets, competition and customers available in near real time. Easy access to valuable insights frees-up time, enabling business units across the enterprise to focus on more creative tasks, collaborative decision-making, and execution of strategies.

Digital Shelf for Cross-Channel Brand Measurement

If you are looking for an integrated ecommerce analytics solution that will offer you a competitive advantage over your competitors, look no further. Our Digital Shelf module is a cloud-based brand analytics platform, that is powered by AI. It can help you monitor the market environment without human intervention and offer real time insights on products, prices, promotions, places, consumers and competitors. The intelligence is gathered across channels, and since the platform is cloud-based, you can access the insights anywhere. The analytics is available through interactive dashboards which make the data easy to understand, and you can optimize your strategies and investments to best suit your current requirements.

The platform has unique data harmonization capabilities which enable the conversion of varied data from different channels to be collated according to your specifications, and are supported by competitive indexing. A centralized pricing system also allows for standardized pricing across the globe, and minimizes any disparity that may arise. You can also let the platform monitor your competitor’s actions through automation, send you timely alerts based on changes, understand the implications of the changes, and even predict future changes based on current developments. These offer an unparalleled advantage in strategic decision-making and maximizing ROI.

Brand Experience for Consistency across Touchpoints

Consistency is key, when you are operating on different channels and need to deliver the same experience to every customer. Our Brand Experience module helps you maintain consistency with both brand and product experiences, and deliver seamless retail experiences for customers even when they switch between different touchpoints.

This cloud-based platform boasts of an AI-powered ratings and review system, where we help you go beyond text analysis for understanding customer sentiment. Custom analytics capabilities enable you to capitalize on voice-of-customer data, with ML and NLG technologies automating the insight gathering process. You can export the data in any format, have it available at your fingertips, and enhance your strategies and make data-backed investments with real time actionable intelligence.

The scalability of the platform lets you manage the amount of brand analytics coverage you require for your enterprise, and customize it according to current requirements. The platform not only helps your enterprise monitor the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) compliance across retailers, but also automates the tracking and identification of unauthorized merchants selling your products. Moreover, the platforms capabilities enable efficient content auditing across channels, helping you deliver a uniform experience across touchpoints.

Market and Competition Sensing for Effective Brand Building

Business strategies and budgeting are made robust through brand analytics that consider competitive intelligence on markets, competitors and consumers. This is a centralized platform for collating real time intelligence from various data sources, where you get to personalize and prioritize your analytics requirements. Our AI-enables platform delivers the competitive intelligence through ML technology, where analytics are automated and you get easy access to insights.

This module helps you gather intelligence around competitor products, emerging market trends and deep industry insights. The availability of these valuable information enables brands to develop better products, and address customer satisfaction to the fullest. Your business performance will experience a boost when you conduct proper market and competition sensing, analyze partner channels and the consumer ecosystem, and deliver consistency across channels. Having this centralized hub for actionable insights, promotes collaboration among business units, and lets stakeholders make data-backed decisions for efficient brand building.

A little introspection into your enterprise and its operations can make it evident if you need to consider employing brand analytics. Integrating a robust platform into your operations can help you streamline analytics, leverage insights in real-time, connect better with customers, and elevate your brand equity.