Towards a Greater
Sum of Parts

When the marketing mix of a business involves multiple campaigns, channels, individuals, tools and technologies, the only way to gauge the relative value of individual elements and optimize the sum of their parts is through a unified system of measurement.

Course5 Intelligence’s Integrated Marketing Measurement solution brings a top-down and bottom-up meta intelligence to marketing insights through a blend of technology intervention, frameworks, critical thinking, and advanced data science techniques.

The solution addresses market mix modelling, multi-touch attribution and campaign measurement (pre, in-flight, and post campaign) as 3 key layers of an effective marketing measurement program.

The heart of the solution is the Media Data Hub which integrates forecast, spend, and outcome data. The wrapper around the Media Data Hub is enabled by sophisticated data science techniques along with Course5 accelerators and IPs to deliver business simulators. These simulators enable individuals across the organization value chain to make strategic or tactical decisions that improve Return on Investment (ROI) and reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Integrated Marketing Measurement empowers marketers with standardized measurement practices for the entire strategic-tactical spectrum from to individual campaign measurement, driving better marketing outcomes for all business needs.



Centralized Media Data Hub to efficiently manage and measure cross-channel marketing initiatives

Actionable dashboards and scorecards at an aggregate, channel and region level

Advanced marketing attribution and optimization based models

Automation of the entire process of data extraction, cleansing, blending, transformation and preparation

Standardized measurement and tracking across all channels by leveraging Course5 Classification Accelerator


integrated marketing measurement-framework


  • Better ROI from cross-channel marketing initiatives
  • Organization alignment on standard measurements and goals
  • Clarity and focus on marketing spends
  • More time and scope for deep-dive analysis and market spend optimization
  • Greater operational efficiency in managing cross-channel campaigns via automation
  • Enhanced media planning and buying