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Unstructured Text Analytics Platform (UTAP) – The genesis

Contrary to what was happening in the early 2000’s customers today interact with brands and a strong consumer community over the globe on a second by second basis. Tweets, hashtags, likes, pins, reviews etc. have become a very common mode of expressing one’s heart-felt emotions.

The fact that this is information/data that is given willingly by your customers, or partners through platforms that are most convenient to them, makes it all the more relevant and real; but this comes at price. The data that is often extracted from these sources is unstructured in nature i.e. the data is often cluttered, unlabeled making it difficult to draw insights from the same.

Top executives complain that they are unable to draw meaningful insights from unstructured data, leading to this large volume of data (80% of total data volumes) being ignored, or under-utilized. This was the biggest motivation for us in developing a solution that could declutter this information, and provide deep insights into top pain points, customer perceptions, and analyze key drivers behind purchase, and sentiments.

How UTAP works?

Unstructured Text Analytics Platform (UTAP) was designed as a tool that enables organizations achieve scalability in their unstructured data analytics practice.  The interface has been uniquely designed to include all typical steps in a text categorization problem to enable categorization of customer reviews and complaints. With relevant statistical models, and classifiers to choose from, UTAP allows the analyst to input values, and customize parameters to fit the data type, and characteristics. With data training and validation enabled at the click of a button, UTAP can categorize up to 1 million records of data in a day.

The real blessing of UTAP is the turnaround time, and the data handling ability. The interface lets you eliminate all irrelevant fields, and perform data cleaning based on identified parameters (which come predefined, and can be defined by the user as well). Designed with a user friendly and interactive platform, UTAP has benefited our partners in identifying the top issues, related sentiments, customer perceptions, in a record time, and at a more granular level than ever before. Learn more in Blueocean Market Intelligence’s exclusive webinar, “Understanding Customer Perceptions and Trends from Unstructured Data for Better Business decisions”.

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