AI Labs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research & Product Development

Our AI Strategy

AI has become integral to every aspect of life. The AI Labs unit is at the center of Course5’s research and product strategy, enabling us to pursue strategic bets and create the “True North” for the organization and our clients. We are on a mission to bring the latest AI technologies into our products and solutions, thereby driving automation, actionable insights, improved experience, competitive edge, and market differentiation for our clients’ businesses. We accomplish this by meticulously scanning a plethora of AI frameworks, models, and algorithms, choosing the appropriate ones for rapid experimentation, curating them for business alignment, and making them compatible with enterprises. We apply best practices from design thinking and lean and agile frameworks in our product development methodology to bring in client-centricity, quick market validation, and reduced time-to-market.

While we actively solve complex business problems with today’s technology, we are always preparing for the future as well. We are exploring and investing in new areas of applied research such as variational autoencoders, deep reinforcement learning, graph neural networks, meta-learning, and contrastive learning. By augmenting our AI expertise with software engineering, DataOps, and MLOps practices, we enable automation and scalability, thereby creating breakthrough value.

Our Focus Areas

Natural Language

Driving significant value from semi-structured and unstructured text data

Course5 Intelligence has deep expertise across the spectrum in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Our industry-focused, AI-embedded products are built by applying extensive research and innovation in text processing, text mining, information extraction, topic modeling, intelligent chatbots/conversational AI, machine translation, sense disambiguation, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition. The products are ingrained with NLG features such as creation of easily interpretable and actionable insights in natural language format for dashboards, intelligent search, and extractive and abstractive summarization.

Computer Perception

Building intelligent vision systems that observe and comprehend the world around us

The world around us is linguistic, acoustic, visual, and temporal. We bring deep expertise in building products that use Computer Vision and Computer Audition algorithms for image classification, age and gender determination, emotion detection, ethnicity detection, facial recognition, object detection & segmentation, optical character recognition, activity detection, and auditory scene analysis. To solve real-world problems, we apply multi-modal fusion AI techniques by combining and optimizing multiple deep learning pipelines. This expertise is leveraged in analyzing video content and providing insights to improve product positioning, brand perception, customer experience, and impact across the omnichannel ecosystem.

Applied R&D

Driving advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence through cutting-edge applied research,
experimentation, and innovation

Course5 Intelligence enables companies to stay ahead of the AI maturity curve through cutting-edge applied research and new AI prototype/proof-of-concept development. Our AI researchers and scientists specialize in bringing the latest of AI developments ‘from the research labs to the industry’. This generates exponential value and enables radical innovation for our customers.

Next Steps

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