Who Moved My Doctor? Demystifying Shifts in Healthcare

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenter : Tanvi Goila, Senior Manager - Course5

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Digital media has gradually encroached on almost every aspect of our modern lifestyles. The health care sector, with its dependence on specialized knowledge and high standards of information privacy, has been a relatively late adopter of the pervasive digital media - and from both the caregiver and beneficiary sides.

Along with the growing costs of healthcare and an inundation of lifestyle diseases, there is an increasing openness among individuals to discuss their own healthcare online (albeit in a guarded manner). This presents an opportunity for healthcare providers who already engage, but can be a notable threat to those that abstain.

During this knowledge sharing session, Course5 discusses how healthcare providers can harness the power of the digital media to:

  • Gain a wider, cost effective reach to underserved populations
  • Achieve greater and faster responsiveness
  • Gather and share relevant, credible information by patients and their caregivers
  • Achieve better alignment with the changing expectations of patients, their families and all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Establish digital media as a credible source of easily accessible information in the patient's decision making process - widening the trustworthy circle of influence

Course5 also discusses the importance of reaching a fine balance between privacy issues and outreach, and sifting through the impending information overload.

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Tanvi Goila
Senior Manager- Products and Solution

Tanvi is a proficient in analyzing large unstructured datasets, technical writing & lucid presentation of complex results to a varied audience and has several years of experience i Read More...