Using Unstructured Text Data to Stay Ahead of Market Trends and Quantify Customer Perception

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenter : Swaroop Johnson, Consultant (Analytics) - Course5

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Unstructured data analytics has numerous benefits. It can add overall value, reduce time and cost investments in identifying the root cause of business problems, and help brands keep a tab on the health of their image by allowing them to stay on top of emerging trends and identify aspects of the business responsible for a particular customer sentiment.

In this webinar from Blueocean Market Intelligence, Swaroop Johnson, Analytics Consultant, will introduce attendees to Blueocean Market Intelligence's capabilities in unstructured data analytics, and our Unstructured Text Analytics Platform ("UTAP") which enables the automation of classification of unstructured text data to categories so organizations can track customer categories /issues over a stipulated period of time.

Attendees will learn how unstructured data analytics can help in building a digital library of news, blogs, and research papers to keep track of changing trends and news, as well as creating a digital summary to ensure information from various online resources are used to ensure technology, product development, and customer experience teams stay updated about the latest trends.

Swaroop Johnson will also present the key differentiators and benefits of this UTAP platform and share an online demo.

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Swaroop Johnson
Product Head Consultant(Analytics)

Swaroop Initiates and leads a team of data scientists and consultants towards end to end product development using machine learning &natural language processing algorithms for an i Read More...