Using Customer Feedback and a 360 Approach to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Date : 17 Jan 2017

Presenter : Kiran Nandavarapu, Director - Market and Competitive Intelligence

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Organizations do not typically reveal their customer service or product issues, competitive advantage, road maps or future updates so willingly. However, we know that valuable insights into competitor activities can be obtained using user feedback. Product and service feedback sourced from customers, reviews on competitor websites, third-party and customer discussion forums can enable organizations to better understand sentiments and develop future strategies for their products and services. When these insights are synthesized with secondary data sources as part of competitive intelligence, organizations can achieve an even more complete picture of their customers, competitors and market position.

Below are a few examples of the output that can be generated from a competitive research exercise and user feedback analysis:

  • Clues on the limitations and drawbacks of a company's products and services
  • Valuable insights about issues related to customer service or the company's inability to provide services to customers on time
  • Data about the quality of after-sales service to the customer
  • Hints regarding the company's roadmap related to product/service features
  • Customer perceptions about the competitor and their offerings
  • Information about features and innovations to the existing products or new products that are expected by customers
  • How customers in a specific segment rate a company's performance against a specific major competitor

Key learnings:

  • How to gain insights into the limitations and drawbacks of competitor products and services
  • How to better leverage insights based on quality of competitor customer service
  • How to develop a periodic analysis of user feedback to help track competitor activities
  • How to use this competitive intelligence to improve your product features and capabilities, and improve customer service

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Kiran Nandavarapu
Senior Director - Insights

Kiran has over 12 years of experience in providing research, insights, and advisory services to clients in the technology space. He specializes in Competitive/Market Intelligence s Read More...