Uncover Hidden Insights from Unstructured Data for Better Business Decisions

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenters : Swaroop Johnson, Consultant (Analytics) | Thariq Khalid ,Senior Data Scientist - Course5

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With the exponential growth of social media and new touchpoints, customers are interacting with brands and organizations at a much faster pace, generating volumes of unstructured data in the form of customer reviews, feedback, preferences, trends, etc. Other metadata such as demographic data, transaction data or point of sale data, when combined with unstructured data can help organizations better understand consumer behavior and market forces, at a much more granular and deeper level. This enables brands to make effective business decisions for profitable growth.

In this webinar, attendees learned how unstructured data analytics adds value, reduces time and costs in the identification of key business problems, and helps organizations track the health of their brand image by monitoring emerging trends and identifying aspects of the business responsible for a particular customer sentiment.

The webinar also covered and introduced our Unstructured Text Analytics Platform ("UTAP") which allows the automation of classification of unstructured text data to categories, enabling organizations to track customer categories/issues over a stipulated period of time, with faster and more efficient analysis of unstructured text data.

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Swaroop Johnson
Product Head Consultant(Analytics)

Swaroop Initiates and leads a team of data scientists and consultants towards end to end product development using machine learning &natural language processing algorithms for an i Read More...