Delivering transformational business impact through information integration

Date : 25 Apr 2013

Presenter : Kumar Mehta, Chief Executive Officer - Course5

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Effective business decisions come from the synthesis of information from disparate sources, rather than looking at individual stacks of data. Organizations understand this value proposition, but are not always able to triangulate the multiple streams of information because of time and budget constraints, or limited access to the right skills, whether internal or with current partners.

In a world with increasingly larger volumes of information, it is critical that organizations embrace a comprehensive, multi-sourced approach to insights - what Course5 calls 360 Discovery.

Key learnings:

  • The importance of using a holistic approach towards today's research and data projects
  • how Course5's 360 Discovery differs from traditional means

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Kumar Mehta
Strategic Advisor

Dr. Kumar Mehta is an expert in innovation science and the bestselling author of The Innovation Biome. Kumar is the founder of Bridges Insight, a think tank focused on innovation. Read More...