Raise your demand sensing accuracy based on internal and external data with advanced algorithms. Optimize the short-term forecast by leveraging fresh sales data and probabilistic forecasting techniques. Capture the full value of demand sensing by adjusting inventory targets in a complementary manner.

How Course5’s Demand Sensing Solutions Help

Drive last-mile adoption & business impact through ease of consumption and role-based insights


  • Sell out
  • Business inputs
  • Market insights


  • Baseline statistical forecasting at the customer level
  • Store clustering


  • Understand demand patterns
  • OoS signals
  • Trade Promotion/NPI Compliance


  • Field Sales Manager (FSM): Adjust store visit plan by priority
  • Key Account Manager (KAM): Adjust with the retailer’s next promotions implementation plan
  • Demand Planner: Adjust Forecasting & Replenishment plan


  • External: Campaign intensity, Competitor positions, Regional strategy, Weighted distribution
  • Product: Target Customer, Seasonality, Brand, Product Category
  • Attributes: Product, Launch strategy


  • Forecast by determining best-fit launch curve
  • Define model and estimate totals


  • Determine the initial launch pattern
  • Track deviation: Actual sales vs. forecast
  • Extrapolate adjustment from sample to total forecast
  • Estimate sales impact by attribute


  • Adjust forecasts
  • Adjust production & supply plan
  • Enrich NPI forecast
  • Apply launch patterns & time split and download the forecast to the SKU level


  • Causal variables: Base price, promotional price, innovation
  • Economic trend
  • Consumer demand (POS)


  • Econometric models: Time Series, Multivariate Linear Regression, ARIMA with external predictor variables (ARIMAX)
  • Determination of Best Fit forecasting method (with MAPE, MAD, RMSE)


  • Sales (PoS) & causal variable insights
  • Calculate the long-term forecast by target scenario


  • Budget decision-making based on proposed scenarios
  • Evaluation of production capacity planning for the next few years

Drive 15%–25% improvement in forecast accuracy with
2%–10% improvement in service levels.

Connected Intelligence with AI-powered Augmented Analytics Platform
Course5 Discovery

Powered by Generative AI

Deliver relevant, actionable, and human-friendly insights across multiple consumption mediums and personas to create an insights-first culture that rewards data-driven decision-making

  • Automated insights generation from connected enterprise and external data

  • Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics driving actionable insights

  • Persona-based approach to provide contextual insights on near real-time basis

  • High adoption with curated natural language insights available on chat, voice, enterprise BI platforms, executive presentations, emails, Teams, Slack, etc.

  • Tracking of impact of decision-making on key performance indicators (KPIs)

Important Metrics

Speed-to-actionable insights reduced from days to seconds

45% increase in analytics adoption by use of generative and conversational AI

30% time savings with a single source of truth and Natural Language querying

~20% revenue impact with timely, data-driven decision-making

Course5’s Approach to Demand Sensing [Patent filed]

A Method and System of Generating a Predictive Model for Predicting Consumer Purchase Behavior

The method comprises: generating, by a processor, online data associated with topic-related searches performed by online users; ingesting, by the processor, the online data with pre-stored research data, wherein the pre-stored research data indicates history data about the topic; processing, by the processor, the online data with the pre-stored research data to determine search patterns of online users and user-behavior information of online users; and generating, by the processor, the predictive model by analyzing the search pattern of online users and user-behavior information of online users.

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