A large part of the Market Research process involves repetitive, effort-intensive tasks such as generating links, validating them, collecting data, monitoring fieldwork, and generating reports. The result is lengthy timelines, high error rates, and loss of valuable person hours in mundane activity.

Course5 Optimizer Suite is a reliable, future-smart approach to optimize your market research operations through analytics, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and digital technologies.

It deploys advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Machine Learning to largely eliminate manual intervention in research operations — resulting in nearly half the turnaround time and near zero error rates. The AI-driven survey builder can also self-learn and auto-parse new patterns and algorithms, further accelerating the research process over time. AI also makes it easy for researchers to tweak the code or template and be assured that the platform will seamlessly reflect the change across the entire study.

Course5 Optimizer Suite revolutionizes your survey programming with speed and intelligence. It takes away the tedium and allows researchers to focus on designing the best possible approach and methodology for a study, and have enough time to deep dive into data and find truly valuable insights.



  • Generates survey skeletons in minutes
  • Drag-drop objects for complex grids and loops


  • Automated link testing for surveys
  • Auto-detects branching and skipping logic


  • Live field status and reports
  • Round-the-clock field management
  • Live dashboards with capability to track multiple studies in a single interface
  • Dashboards with slicing-dicing capability


  • Checks hundreds of tables within seconds
  • Wide choice of tests to run
  • Highly customizable to client standards
  • Quick overview with dashboard report summary


  • Drag-drop features to assign codes
  • Real-time code deletion, code swap, and merging
  • Integrated text analytics module for auto-coding


  • Easy interface to access and edit new and past reports
  • Variety of charts and report formats available for ad-hoc reporting


Course5 Optimizer Suite automation technology eliminates redundant steps in
the research operations cycle, automates essential procedures, and remembers
and accelerates the overall process through pattern parsing and prediction.

survey builder-framework


  • Speediness with time-to-market cut by more than half
  • High visibility and control of the study with real-time dashboard monitoring
  • Incremental value with Artificial Intelligence and self-learning algorithms
  • Agility in tweaking research parameters even mid-study for sharper insights