Course5’s Program Research is a comprehensive, self-service platform that helps media analytics teams take fast, insight-backed decisions on their content.

With an exhaustive inbuilt question bank, collaboration with global panel partners, and advanced analytics and visualization capabilities, you can set up a study in minutes and receive real-time progress updates and integrated, contextual insights on a live dashboard.

Designed with deep understanding of research objectives and how media consumption works, Course5’s Program Research platform helps you create meaningful engagements between content creators and global audiences so that creators can gather detailed feedback to improve program quality and ultimately increase viewership.

The Features

Ease of Use

Quickly create a survey module, add survey questions, choose your audience and begin gathering feedback with rich quantitative data

Powerful Analytics

View real-time results, including survey results, filtered by demographic categories; export charts, tables and graphs to include in presentations or summaries

Targeted segments

Target specific creative executions to groups of participants based on their profile variables,which can be funneled at random to meet your specifications

Video Embedding

Display to audiences videos hosted on your server with an embed code that pulls the video from the original source, with access to the video securely managed


  • Real-time monitor
    Slice & dice data with demographics and pre-determined conditions to derive insights from audience feedback in real-time

  • Visual export
    Provide stakeholders with easy access to insights by exporting data in a visual format

  • Raw export
    Work with data in Excel format

Use Cases

Rough Cut Testing

Gain valuable feedback during the creative process to improve your final video product

Episode Testing

Achieve better series maintenance with moment-to-moment data that compliments your other behavioral data

Trailers & Promos

Get actionable insights into which trailers or promotions are most effective for various audience types

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