Big Data Engineering

Align Data and Artificial Intelligence strategies with business objectives, regardless of data volumes, variety, velocity, volatility, and veracity. Harness the power of big data analytics to grow revenue, improve profitability, and strengthen customer satisfaction

53% higher adoption from data governance processes coupled with serverless tech stack

Business Challenges


Data Volume, Variety, Velocity, Volatility and Veracity

Data hoarding is a serious challenge for large companies. Having the right blend of technology and process to manage massive data sets is a daunting task in an ever-changing tech landscape.

Actionable insights and predictions, at speed

With the pace of business increasing and digital taking a more important role, it is critical for businesses to not only measure, but to also provide insights and recommendations. And all this needs to happen in real-time.

Data democratization

Organizations face challenges in assembling data from multiple sources and ensuring the data reaches the right audience so they can uncover actionable insights. Data silos obstruct this flow from raw data to insights to informed decision.


Technology Agnostic Approach

Capabilities across the data and cloud tech stack enable ingestion through transformation and consumption, both
on premise and on cloud

Holistic Data Management and Governance


  • Data practices and solutions across different data stages (at rest, in motion, in process or consumption)
  • Alignment around definitions and access

Smart Data Usage


  • Focusing on the right data ecosystem vs. an overly complexarchitecture
  • Aligning with business priorities and optimizing data priorities
  • Best-in-class consulting services

Built a real-time data ingestion and processing cloud environment to run day-to-day business decision-making. This infrastructure processes over 3 petabytes of data in real-time to power a smart analytics front end. The resulting smart data solution powers a $5B revenue business.

Built a strong data foundation ecosystem for a leading lifestyle goods company to enable BI and Analytics. This involved setting up a smart cloud data/BI architecture and on-boarding business stakeholders to enable a self-serve Business Intelligence platform.

Built a data lake that can intelligently ingest, process, and report on data across myriad sources. This data lake serves as a single source of truth for all data and analytical consumption. Over 32 data sources are connected, with 20 of them processing real-time.

Business Impact

Enhanced ROI with industry-tested data strategy framework which aligns Big Data management with business objectives

Higher adoption rate of insights with a centralized governance process and a self-service advanced analytics platform

Rapid deployments with a cost-effective approach by implementing industry-trending in-house and cloud serverless technology

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