Pharma Analytics & Insights

Actionable intelligence regarding competitors, customers, and other important stakeholders plays a key role in answering the most urgent and important business questions. Course5 Intelligence enables companies with actionable insights, advanced analytics, and AI to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decisions. Real-time decision support by Course5 enables business teams to better understand their market and competitive landscape, discover opportunities, and develop and maintain competitive advantage.

Course5 Intelligence combines a multi-disciplinary approach to data integration across structured and unstructured data sources with core capabilities in market insights, competitive intelligence, and strategic planning to help businesses grow through informed decision-making.

Business Challenges

How do I counter my response to our key competitors and their strategy?
Rapidly evolving competitive landscape leaves very little time for companies to understand and respond to competitive threats
Difficulty to find confidential information and answers to strategic questions
Scattered and disparate sets of data make the insights generation process time-consuming and resource-intensive
Changing industry dynamics, soaring costs of drug development, and stringent government regulations
Generating actionable insights for informed decision-making demands advanced contextual understanding of the disease/therapy area
Meeting the internal expectation on evolving technological advancement into digital analytics and artificial intelligence in CI

Business Impact

Respond swiftly to the constantly evolving competitor strategies

Stay informed with continuous insights on the disease area landscapes and potential disruptors that enable you to make necessary changes to your positioning

Identify white spaces and target new segments such as new indications, MOA, new patient segments etc.

Discover hidden nuggets of information that reveal significant patterns and market trends

Transform information into intelligence for informed and timely decision-making