Seeing Customer Segmentation in a New Light: Persona Introduction

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenter : Anees Merchant, Senior vice president (digital) - Course5

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Introducing Course5's New Digital Persona and Insights Solution

Today's connected consumer has the muscle to make or break businesses. These users bring a unique digital footprint and set of behaviors that command organizations to think differently about their customers. However, many still face tremendous hurdles when trying to identify, tap into and influence digital customers around their products and services. Traditional customer segmentation exercises are typically inward-facing and don't lead to the appropriate return. In spite of huge amounts of available data, a more transparent customer, and large investments to create digital personas and profiles of the targeted customer set, actual customer behavior and need sets are mostly shrouded in a mystery.

In this webinar, Senior Vice President, Anees Merchant, will introduce attendees to Course5's new Digital Persona and Insights Solution which improves an organization's current customer segmentation, providing insights around customers online preferences and patterns. It captures and utilizes Big Data to help them get closer to one-on-one marketing by delivering the right content to the right person, at the ideal time, on the preferred channel.

Attendees will learn why traditional segmentation exercises are largely ineffective and why a more scientific and holistic approach to customer marketing is more important considering today's business environment. Anees will also present the key differentiators and benefits of this solution and share an online demo of the solution, Course5's technology platform.

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