Leveraging the Power of the Brand for Pricing Using Digital Data (Customer Reviews)

Date: 24 Oct, 2016

Presenter: Nishchay Mathur, Product Head - Course5

There are multiple pricing algorithms that exist to provide optimum prices basis elasticities, competitive information and a host of parameters. However, one key element that often is overlooked is the power of the brand. How much would a customer be ready to pay more for on the account of brand equity? The old school "word of mouth" has now manifested into multiple streams of the digital media. The customer not only has a point of view on a brand but also has the ability to influence others using the digital media. In wake of this, how does a brand influence its position to make more money? This webinar will explore how information in digital channels can be harnessed at a very granular level and factored into the optimization models to better manage outcomes. Attendees will learn how to incorporate digital media data to boost product prices leveraging the marketing and branding efforts, and check the efficacy of the brand equity built by the marketing teams.

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Nishchay Mathur

Engagement Manager & Advisor

Nishchay is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) with over 10 years of experience. His key strengths include competitive pricing & analytics, strategy consulting & transformation Read More...