Customer Experience Measurement in the Utilities Industry - Closing the Loop

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenters : Shaikat Sen, SVP - Course5 | Larry Simpson , Research Principal - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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Though utilities enjoy the relative comfort of a semi-monopolistic market, they do need to address the challenges around deregulation pressures and the continued to need to maintain profitability with a commodity product that only makes its presence felt when it is absent. In addition, environment consciousness, sensitivity to climate change, and demand for clean energy is at unprecedented levels - creating competitive pressures that utilities have never experienced before. Satisfied customers raise the competitive threshold and hence assure predictable and steady revenue streams.

Effectively managing customer engagement at every touch point to ensure a positive, memorable experience is keys to retaining customers and enhancing customer life time value. Dynamically aligning the organization to changing customer preferences and expectations is keys to creating and retaining a competitive edge in the markets. This requires a good understanding of the customer's collective and segmented usage patterns, attitudes, preferences, dislikes, concerns, habits, behaviors and budgets. To successfully manage customer experience, there is also the need for an ability to quantify all of these characteristics and track them over a period of time to understand the gradual evolution in these.

This webinar had summarized the need for customer experience measurement in the utilities industry and the evolving challenges associated with measuring customer satisfaction. During this knowledge sharing session, we have shared a holistic approach towards customer experience measurement - especially with respect to harnessing the plethora of information sources available today. Also presented the latest thinking on what drives customer experience in the utilities sector and ended the session with an outlining of the key information areas that utilities need to monitor, the types of analytics and tools to consider, and the approaches that are likely to yield the best returns on your Customer Experience Measurement (CEM).

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Shaikat Sen
Research Principal - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Shaikat Sen has 20 years of diverse supplier-side and client-side experience in conceiving, managing, and implementing various types of market research studies with unique combinat Read More...


Larry Simpson
Research Principal - Pacific Gas and Electric Company