Bridging the Data Management and Insights Gap: An Introduction to the LINK Solution

Date : 03 Oct 2016

Presenters : Ajith Sankaran , Senior Vice President - Market Intelligence | Mike Page, Vice President -Client Development & Technology

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Does your organization spend a great deal of money commissioning research and compiling data to test products, track brand performance and measure customer satisfaction? Are these efforts mostly handled in isolation? Are you looking for a single, real-time repository that links your data together, regardless of the agency, software or language used in its collection?

Course5 announces our new LINK solution for enterprises looking to bridge the data management and insights gap. It provides a powerful combination of sophisticated data management software and intelligence services, both crucial in today's data-rich world. Organizations can analyze and extract useful insights that lead to informed decision-making and better business performance.

Hear from Ajith Sankaran, Senior Vice President - Market Intelligence, and Mike Page, Vice President - Client Services and Technology as they introduce attendees to the features and benefits of the LINK solution using real case studies and an online demo.

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Ajith Sankaran
Senior Vice President – Analytics and Insights

Ajith has over 21 years of experience in analytics, market intelligence and business consulting, and manages delivery for Course5’s analytics and insights businesses leading a te Read More...


Mike Page
Vice President - Client Development & Technology

Mike has close to 20 years of experience in the market research industry, specializing in the implementation of new technologies and methods. He directs Course5's European business Read More...