Where should I invest to have maximum impact on my customers’ satisfaction and loyalty? What is my optimal channel mix to get the greatest ROI on my communication spend? What motivates my customers to select one rate plan over another? Even though utilities tend to have a somewhat captive customer base, consumer expectations have dramatically

increased in recent years due to proliferation of social media, instant exposure to information about other utilities and alternative providers, and unprecedented levels of consumer activism. In the face of deregulation, increasing market pressures, and rising customer expectations, utilities need to customize and sharpen their interactions

with their customers and invest in building brand loyalty to stay relevant and competitive. Course5 Intelligence’s digital transformation solutions help businesses understand customer journeys, deliver satisfying customer experiences, and earn customer trust by addressing their concerns intuitively and proactively.



  • Improve digital customer experience, enhance value from digital channels

Insights & Analytics

  • Democratize insights, drive integrated insights from multiple data sources, reduce costs of insights and drive efficiencies

Sales & Marketing

  • Reduce customer churn, measure and improve brand health measures